• Accessories of Desk

    For Deskes

    Your simple desk will be not simple after these small parts mounted. 

  • Office chairs and Parts

    Office chairs & Parts

    You can work in comfortable by these chairs

  • Bedroom


    Everybody takes at less 6 hour in their bedroom a day, why not spend a lot at here?

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  • Fast Delivery

    We will use the fast shipment when your order is ready.

  • Customer Service

    No matter what question you have, we try to provide our great customer service for you,

  • Security payment

    We don't restore any payment information of you, all are processed in security.

About HnF

Hardware and Furniture are our major business

We provide many high quality hardware for furniture, we have own metal manufacturer for design and production. Many furniture factories cooperate with us, and selling each other items. So we can find out and sell item what do you want. You can also send us information if you want us resell for you. Let build bulk sales volumne together.